How to run a macroscript

Since I often get questions, how to run different macroscripts I decided to write this short "how to". I will show whole process using MAxTRIX script written by Borislav Petrov aka Bobo.

First, how do we know that certain script is a macroscript? All you have to do is check its first line which should begin with "macroscript". In case of this script it looks like this:
macroscript MAxTRIX category:"Bobo_s Tools"

Loading a script.
In Utilities panel press MAXScript and then Run Script. Open file with script you wish to run.

With right mouse button click on toolbar and choose Customize....

In window that will appear open Category dropdown list and pick category defined in first line (one that begins with "macroscript") of script. In this case it will be Bobo_s Tools. Now drag name of script to toolbar.

To run script simply press button that appeared.

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