for 3ds max 4.x
category: animation

Tic-Tac will help you set and animate clock pointers. Each pointer rotation depends on rotation of others, just like in real clock. Script will create as few keys as it is possible (for analog movement only two: at beginning and end of time range).


Select seconds, minutes, hours pointer:
these buttons allow you to select objects acting as specific pointers. You don't have to select all of them, script will work just fine with only one pointer.

Axis: Rotation axis for pointers.


Seconds time:
current time shown by seconds pointer.

Movement type: Analog means normal smooth movement, like in all mechanical clocks. Digital means jumpy movement like in quartz clocks.

Step: active only when digital movement selected. Sets frequency of pointer jumps. For example: 1 means tick every second and 0,5 every half second.

All controls for minutes and hours pointer work just like for seconds pointer.


Override max's frame rate:
Let's you set different frame rate for clock than it is set in Time Configuration menu.

New frame rate: frame rate used for clock animation. For example, if you set frame rate 15 when max's frame rate equals 30 clock will run twice faster.

Create keys: will create animation keys for selected pointers. All previous key will be deleted.

Status: will display current action.

Download: TicTac.zip (example scene included)

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