for 3ds max 4.x
category: animation

This script should be helpfull when creating all kinds of oscillations (perheaps I should name it Vibrator ;) what do you think?). It's also capable of applying damping and impulses actuating further oscillations.

Some info on this brilliant script.

Here you can select object that will be further animated.

If checked, actuating impulses will be applied every Nth frame which is set with spinner below. For smooth animation you should set value which is multiple of (period/2).

If checked, impulses will be shifted along with phase.

If checked, impulses will be applied at random frame.

This spinner sets propability of applying an impulse at each frame. The larger value, the more impulses so be carefull, amimation may become very jumpy.
If checked, random impulses may appear only at multiple of (period/2). This smoothes animation.

First and last frame of oscillations.

Here you can select what will be aniamted, position or rotation and along or around which axis.

Oscillation period (in frames).

Oscillation amplitude.

Oscillation phase shift (in frames).

Enables damping.

Damping type. Exponential is the fastest and logarithmic gives most "real" result.

Number of frames after which amplitude will be damped to zero.

Current frame beeing processed.

Percentage progress.

With this button all changes will be applied. Remember: every time you change settings, this button have to be pressed again. One more thing: object will be oscillating around position at wich it was when this button was pressed.


osc.avi (828 kB)
by ASD

Download: Oscillator.zip

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