Fluid (beta version)
for Nuke9.0
category: generator

Simple fluid simulator. More info will come.

format - output size, should match solver's container's size
position - emitter's position
emissionDirection - direction of emission
color - emitted color
colorMultiplier - simple multiplier for color
fEmissionVelocity - velocity of emission
emitVelocityOnly - don't emit color, same as setting color or multiplier to 0
emitterIsCollider - emitter's movement will affect velocity field
reset simulation - clear all simulation data
input to density - copy color data from input to fluid density
diffusion - diffusion rate
viscosity - fluid's viscosity
dt - simulation time step

Very basic animation created with scene available in link below.

Download: Fluid.zip (this archive contains plugin for Windows and Linux) return to Plug-ins

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