14.03.2016 -Added new plugin for Nuke Fluid, this is early beta version.
14.11.2015 -Small subsampling bug has been fixed in PointPattern.
08.11.2015 -PointPattern has been updated. I've added check for extremly low point distance values.
01.11.2015 -New plugin for Nuke: PointPattern.
18.01.2015 -Bugfix in RampQuad.
10.01.2015 -Added new plugin for Nuke: RampQuad.
14.12.2014 -Recompiled EdgyBend, Custom Filter, Flat Colors, DeFocus, Frost, SHObject and Spherical Correction for 3ds max 2013 and 2014.
30.11.2014 -Recompiled MSponge, STriangle, FractalWarp and Fractal for Nuke 9.0 for Linux and Windows.
16.11.2014 -Recompiled EdgyBend, Custom Filter, Flat Colors, DeFocus and Frost for 3ds max 2015.
09.11.2014 -Recompiled SHObject and Spherical Correction for 3ds max 2015.
11.05.2014 -Recompiled MSponge, STriangle and Fractal for Nuke 7.0 for Linux and Windows.
01.05.2013 -Recompiled MSponge, STriangle and Fractal for Nuke 7.0 for Linux and Windows.
20.04.2013 -Recompiled FractalWarp for Nuke 7.0 for Linux and Windows. Latest versions of Arnold shaders are now available at tools.platige.com
20.05.2012 -Recompiled Sparkles and Velvet for Arnold 4.0.
16.01.2012 -PointCloud has been recompiled for Nuke 6.3.
20.10.2011 -New plugin: MSponge for Nuke. I've updated SHObject, some minor code tweaks.
11.10.2011 -New plugins: STriangle for Nuke and SHObject for 3ds max.
21.08.2011 -New shader Sparkles for Softimage (Arnold). Velvet shader has recompiled for Softimage 2012 and latest version of SItoA.
08.05.2011 -I've recompiled all plugins forr 3ds max 2012 and Softimage 2012. I've also recompiled all plugins for Nuke, some compiler parameters were tweaked.
02.01.2011 -Velvet - shader for Softimage (Arnold).
07.11.2010 -Recompiled FractalWarp, Fractal and PointCloud plugins for Nuke 6.1v1.
16.05.2010 -New plugin FractalWarp for Nuke. Warps input image using fractal equation.
11.04.2010 -New plugin Fractal for Nuke. Draws julia set and mandelbrot fractals.
New version of phyllotaxis can use spline animation.
28.03.2010 -Small update in phyllotaxis. Now you can create cylindrical phyllotaxis and define radius with spline.
22.03.2010 -I've added new script phyllotaxis. Script creates phyllotaxis pattern with instances of selected object.
13.03.2010 -I wrote simple plugin for Nuke - PointCloud. It displays position pass as points in 3D view.
29.11.2009 -EdgyBend, DeFocus, Spherical Correction, Custom Filter and Flat Colors have been recompiled for max 2010.
DeFocus is now multithreaded and uses all available cores.
08.11.2009 -I've added new scrpt: import obj sequence.
21.06.2009 -Updated Randomizer script. Minor changes in interface and added undo support.
16.11.2008 -Flat Colors, Custom Filter and Spherical Correction recompiled for 3ds max 2008 and 2009.
12.10.2008 -EdgyBend and DeFocus recompiled for 3ds max 2008 and 2009.
12.12.2007 -Some minor improvements in EdgyBend plus 64bit version.
09.12.2007 -EdgyBend for Softimage|XSI 6.x is ready (only 32bit version).
18.08.2007 -Fixed bug in EdgyBend. Softimage|XSI version coming very soon.
07.06.2007 -Major cleanup and some updates in links section.
16.05.2007 -Site moved to new server.
28.01.2007 -Few minor bugfixes in Points to surface script.
21.01.2007 -I have added 64bit versions of all my 3dsmax 9 plugins. As usual, all versions of single plugin are in single zip archive.
17.12.2006 -New modifier for 3ds max: EdgyBend.
03.12.2006 -I have recompiled all 3ds max plugins for versions 8 and 9. For 3ds max 9 only 32bit versions are available. 64bit coming soon.
22.01.2006 -I have reuploaded 3ds max 5 versions of all my plugins.
13.11.2005 -New script: replace texture paths.
1.10.2005 -I have recompiled Frost, Flat Colors and Custom Filter plugins for 3ds max 6 and 7.
28.09.2005 -I have recompiled DeFocus and Spherical Correction plugins for 3ds max 6 and 7.
27.07.2005 -Fixed more bugs in Gears script.
24.06.2005 -I have fixed small bug in Gears script.
11.06.2005 -I've rewritten most of page in PHP, but still some work to do.

I have posted my first plugin for Adobe Photoshop, RGB Split. Since it's first, it's very simple.
12.03.2005 -Now page navigation works fine in Mozilla Firefox.
16.1.2005 -New script tutorial "How to run a macroscript" in Scripts section.
3.10.2004 -New script: Select modifier refs.
12.02.2004 -New script: Copy Modifiers.
27.09.2003 -Lots of new stuff in Links section.

I've added hi-res version of Worms here.

New plug-in Spherical Correction.
18.06.2003 -New version of Capture Viewport. I have removed small problem with numbering frames and optimized code a little bit.
15.06.2003 -Looks like guestbook wasn't working as well as I expected (in fact it wasn't working at all), but now it should be OK.

I've updated Grow script, since it crashed when user selected non Editable Mesh object.
18.04.2003 -Not much news lately, since I'm quite busy. I hope soon I will make some updates, meanwhile I finished new guestbook script, so feel free to test it
28.01.2002 -I have added image created by Jacek Kwiatkowski with custom made version of Spherical script.
29.12.2002 -New image in gallery.

New version of Gears.

New script: TruckTrailer, Rollin' modification by Antoine Pasquay, allows to calculate trailing object trajectory.
2.11.2002 -I have added Grow for max 4.x. It creates only morph target, animation has to be created manually.
20.10.2002 -New script: Capture Viewport.
18.10.2002 -New script: Grow.
16.10.2002 -New version of DeFocus. I have improved speed (just a little bit) and rewritten part of code responsible for flares. Now they have nice, smooth edges.

New version of Gears. Interface is much more user friendly, than in beta version. Skew spinner added.
26.09.2002 -New version of Pinscreen. Now, besides box, cylinder and capsule, You can use custom object. Also one mistake was corrected.

Some links added.
14.08.2002 -New plug-in: DeFocus.
5.08.2002 -New script: Gears. Still beta version, but most features are already working.
20.07.2002 -New script: Insert Logo.
19.07.2002 -Some links added.
19.06.2002 -Yes! Buttons finaly work properly. All problems were caused by 3D server but I took different approach to this problem and now you can press them as much as you want to.
31.05.2002 -Nik Clark has just sent me an image that he has created with little help of my Pinscreen script. Really nice stuff.
20.05.2002 -New script: Tic-Tac

I've updated NURBS Light to version 1.7. All lights are created as instances, updating lights should work bit faster, also Cast Shadows checkbox bug removed.

Plug-ins section is no longer empty: Flat Colors and Frost are plug-in versions of two of my scripts. There's also something completly new: Custom Filter.

I have finally finished my first tutorial. It's about MAX Script and it is based on Rollin' script. You will find it here. It's in polish, but maybe I will translate it when I have some spare time.
23.04.2002 -I've added an example for Oscillator.
21.04.2002 -New script Oscillator. I will add some examples as soon as I render them out and compose.
17.04.2002 -Another new version of Rollin' script. Some people reported that script doesn't show up after running, so now it should pop-up it's own window instead of working as utility.
11.04.2002 -Update in Links section.
10.04.2002 -New version of Rollin' script.
1.04.2002 -New script: Rollin'
25.03.2002 -Due to some problems with guestbook script, I have started temp guestbook here.
19.03.2002 -Removed bug from Nurbs Light, I also have solution for bug in Pinscreen (if it appears check bug.nfo in Pinscreen.zip)
12.03.2002 -New script Flat Colors and new image in gallery.
11.03.2002 -New script: Randomizer.
8.03.2002 -New image in gallery.
2.03.2002 -Minor change in news and links layout.
22.02.2002 -Frost script updated. Now it should work over two times faster then previous version which was terribly slow.
20.02.2002 -New script: Edge Detect.
19.02.2002 -New script: Frost.
18.02.2002 -Major layout change in scripts section, plus new script: 3M.
16.02.2002 -Pinscreen updated. Now it works with movie files and sequences.
9.02.2002 -I've uploaded final version of Pinscreen and prepared user manual for it.
8.02.2002 -New script added: Pinscreen.
19.01.2002 -Major update in gallery section.
25.12.2001 -I've written new script Smudge. Check scripts section.
23.12.2001 -I've rewritten Interlace, Sepia and Solarize scripts for 3ds max 4.2. Now they can handle progress bar.
21.12.2001 -I have finally finished layout, now it should look properly in most resolutions. Images are now beeing opened in new windows. Gallery is working, I will add some images as soon as I have some spare time.
26.11.2001 -Some minor changes in HTML structure. New examples for Spherical and NURBS Light scripts, plus some new links.
14.11.2001 -Spherical script finally finished. You will find it in scripts section.
14.11.2001 -Scripts section added plus some minor changes.
5.11.2001 -I've added REALLY COOL clock, check it out;) It's right above. Also Plug-ins, FAQ, Contact and Links sections are working. Not much there, but it will change soon.
3.11.2001 -Buttons are finaly working, but they lead nowhere. Everything else is still under construction. I've also done some optimization in JavaScript. Page will load a bit faster.
2.11.2001 -I have created completly new layout, which is going to be final (I hope). Still some Javascript to write.
31.10.2001 -Well... no news for the moment. You know what they say: No news, is good news:)

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